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Genius heating

for off-grid cottage 




Forget the problems with matches, lighter fluid, damp linen, and misty windows. Fully automatic dry-heat source improves your comfort greatly.

With Wallas Remote Control you can enter into your preheated cottage and start to enjoy your stay immediately.

All this is available for your off-grid cottage. Wallas heater range heat spaces of approx. 40-90 m2.

Wallas 26CC Wallas 40CC


12 V Voltage

  • You can connect the Wallas cottage heater easily to your solar panel system.


Low Amps

  • Low power consumption enables you to keep your cottage warm even with a small battery.

How low is low? With a 100 Ah battery, you can use the heater continuously for 2 weeks at the medium setting!


  • You can use the heater with diesel, light home heating-oil, or kerosene

How much fuel does it use?
 With one coffee cup of diesel fuel per hour, you will get 900 W (3100 BTU) of heat.


  • 2+1 year warranty for all Wallas products. Register your unit here and get 3th year of warranty.
  • To ensure the highest quality, every single Wallas product is carefully  tested before delivery.

Remote control 4430

Wallas Remote Control allows you to heat up your cottage remotely from your home couch. Enter to preheated cottage and start to enjoy it right away.

Control panel

The elegant easy-to-use control panel offers extensive control and monitoring features.










The Wallas space heater is a fully automated unit which can be installed with its outlet connected either into a chimney or through an external wall. The heater operates with diesel oil or paraffin oil, which is easy to store in a separate fuel tank. The tank can be placed  outside, under the cottage for example.

Maintaining the desired temperature is simple, as the Wallas heaters are equipped with room thermostats and rheostat power adjustment. The heater burns with a clean, blue flame, and, thanks to fully enclosed burner technology, is smoke- and odor-free.

*The unit can be controlled via an on/off switch, a timer, or a remote starting device, using GPRS-technology. With the help of GPRS you get the picture of the operation panel into your smart phone screen or computer screen – wherever the internet is available. Then you just control the heater. When out of the reach of the Irnet network, the commands can be made with SMS. Enter into your preheated cottage. *Not available in USA or Canada

The Wallas diesel oil heater requires a 12 V power supply, for example from solar panels. Thus Wallas space heater is ideal solution for off grid cottage. If the cottage is equipped with 230 V electricity, you just need to transform the 230 V to 12 V.

As the heater takes the combustion air from outside and pushes all the exhaust out, the whole burning process is a closed circle. This means that the heat of  Wallas space heater is dry heat – there is no open flame which would transfer the moisture into the cottage.
There are two front plate color alternatives.

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