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We give 2+1 year warranty for all our products. You can get the extra year for free when registering your device into our system at Be aware that we use this data to develop even better boat heaters and cookers in the future for your needs!

Wallas quality exists even before the product has been manufactured. All of our R&D specification definitions have been modeled in our reference measurement/testing department. The reference measurement system’s ducting is similar that of a real boat installation with maximum allowable duct and exhaust lengths. This means all of out R&D R&D measurements and tuning are c arried out, in a real-life environment similar to that where our products are used at the end. This system is also also used in our manufacturing quality tests.

Every single cooker, heater, and oven have been fired up and tested before being delivered to the customer. We measure combustion particulates and fine tune each device before shipping, to assure trouble free operation in all of the demanding environments common to boating.

Beyond the scope of our reference/testing system, we also maintain an extreme conditions test facility to really push our systems to their limits and beyond. Tjis allows us to predict real life situations and develop our products to overcome those that test our limits.

In our test lab we test:

Starting at -25°C (-13°F)
For real fishermen, the fishing season does not stop when there is just a little ice cover over the bays. Most of the days in Finland, the temperature is below zero from December to February. And this is why all our products need to be able to start in these circumstances as well. For example, look at these fishing freaks with their trout:


  • The start-stop-cycle- test gives a good understanding about  a product's life expentancy. In this test, a heater is started every second hour by running it half an hour in minimum effect, half an hour in maximum effect and cooling it down for one hour. When we designed the diesel heater series,was required that a heater needs to work for 2 months, over the nights and weekends and without servicing, when it is started and stopped every second hour. This adds up to 720 start cycles, which amounts to 45 years' usage with an average boater in Finland.
  • We also carried out 2-month test in which the heater was run continuously. This adds up to a 36-year usage by an average Finnish boater. The average Finnish boater uses his boat 40h a year.

Wind tolerance

  • Exhaust lead-throughs have been tested in a wind tunnel and in boats which reach speeds of 35 knots.

Vibration stress test

  • With the vibrator test, we expose the unit to 1-200 Hz mechanical vibration with 1 cm amplitude. This test guarentees that the product won't rattle or do anything unexpected when your boat’s engine is running.

Even-heat test

  • In this test, we measure how the heater regulates the heating effect with respect to the indoor and outdoor temperature. When the temperature changed outside by 20°C, the heater kept the lab inside 0.6°C of the desired temperature of 22°C.

Voltage ramp test

  • Voltage changes all the time in the boat, especially with big outboard engines. We have tested that our heaters work around 11-15 V without any change. The voltage tests also included spike and droop insulation tests for our printed circuit boards.

With 40 years of experience we can say that the laboratory test does not show the whole truth. And that is why we use chosen Beta testers during the R&D processes.

Once all these tests have been carried out and approved, we can guarantee that the Wallas device is ready for market and carry a combined three-year warranty!

Because Wallas products are made for and installed by humans, we know that sometimes something may go wrong. For these cases, please find out our worldwide service chain:



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