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  • The measured sound level of Wallas is equivalent to a whisper in a library.
  • Laminar combustion assures that your neighbor's boats can also enjoy the silence of nature.
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Low Amps

  • Low power consumption enables you to keep your boat warm, even with a small battery capacity.
  • A Wallas diesel heater produces the most heating power per single Watt of electricity in its class.
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  • 2+1 year warranty for all our products.
  • To ensure the highest quality, every single Wallas product is manually tested before delivery
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  • Our high quality ventilation fans distribute heat evenly and effectively.

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Kaukokäynnistin 4430

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Kaukokäynnistin 4430

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A Wallas boat heater can be installed in a variety of locations in either new or retrofit applications. A wide range of cabin heaters are available in either kerosene or diesel models. Boats have been the focus of our design from day one – Wallas heaters have not been adapted from another industry.

Out on a boat, we all want to enjoy nature and relax, so Wallas pays special attention to the sound level of our boat heater. A Wallas boat heater is known for its very silent operation. You feel it but don't hear it, and your pier neighbors will appreciate the sound of your Wallas marine heater as much as you will.

In low  powered applications such as sailing boats, battery capacity is limited. To address this, Wallas has designed its heaters to consume very little power. In bigger cabin heater models the attention has been paid also to the efficient air circulation. Set up properly, a Wallas boat heater will help dry your vessel’s interior and increase its interior oxygen levels. Diesel heaters are equipped with separate air intakes with two duct inlets. This means that you can one air intake from outside (fresh air) and one from inside (increases air circulation and heating performance).

When we speak about heaters, we should not forget a unique Wallas solution: A boat heater and stove (boat hob) in one device. When you equip a Wallas stove with a heat blower lid, you get a cabin heater too. An important benefit of the boat stove is that it eliminates the need for explosive gasses on board. Safe, quiet  cooking and heating without any open flame.

All Wallas diesel forced-air stoves and-, diesel boat heaters can run at variable power output. This means that unlike our competitors, a Wallas diesel forced-air device does not have to be stopped and started in order to hold a desired temperature while heating the cabin.  

A Wallas boat heater will make your boat a better investment, allowing you to use it more than twice as much as you do today.

Wallas -boat heaters and stoves are tested and reliable. We Finns know cold and how to keep warm on boats!

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