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Wallas Corporate responsibility

Wallas-Marin is committed to support following Sustainable Development Goals in all our work.

We have started to work restless to achieve these goals and all our workers know the importance of setting these goals in our strategy.

Our local enviroment. Wallas is located in the middle of the worlds finest archipelago and keeping that clean is impotant for us. Therefore we are trying our best to to build the best products to protect our nature.

Responsible consumption: Wallas-Marin is making products which have very long life lenght. We always produce spare parts for our units at least 10-years but it is not uncommon to find spape parts for units which are over 40 years old. With easy service and good spare parts availibility our customers can have very low life cycle impact in their heaters.

Our new electronics are updateable over the air. This makes sure you have the latest features eventhough your heater would be 5 years old and updates can extend life length of the heater.
Quality: Wallas-Marin has set high standards in enviromental desing of products. All our units and parts are made with highest available quality in mind with the best technology . Starting from the smallest components to the working process we always aim to give the best experienced quality to our customers because quality experience usually makes product life lenght longer for them.
Fair treatment of workers: Wallas treats our workers and subcontractors equally regardless of personal background. Wallas have a zero tolerance to child and forced labour in our factory and supply chains and we respect privacy, freedom of religion and conscience. All our workers have right to organise professionally.
Safety and healthy: Safety is our top priority number 1. We want that all of our workers are healthy after working day, they have safe working conditions and they do not need to take unnecessery risks during the working day.

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