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Medical containers, office trailers and Tiny Houses


Special heaters for medical containers, office trailers and Tiny Houses

Wallas-Marin offers wide range of heating solutions to the mobile facilities, wellfare units, containers offices and Tiny houses. We know that because we have more than 40 years experience of supplying heaters to mobile military and medical operations all over the world. You can find our special application heaters in all conditions from Igloo houses in cold Artic Circle to the hot desert conditions of Middle East.

They are specially recommended solutions when Diesel is available and electricity is limited. They will provide stable, trusty heat to the Water or AIR even with electrical self sufficiency.

If you looking for trusty, easy to use heater to heat your container, Tiny House, or mobile facility please do not hesitate to ask more from us:

Most popular models wealthware units are: self-sufficient and


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